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About myself 

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 Anda Șuta

Professional Certified Coach ICF, Millennial developer,

Mentor Coach & Senior Facilitator

I am a Learning Millennial developer and I use coaching, facilitation techniques and mentor-coaching approach. I accompany managers, high-potential millennials, HR people and internal coaches who want to discover and to reach their potential. Those people are interested in developing skills like collaborative leadership, emotional intelligence, coaching basic skills. In this way they become ambassadors for implementing a coaching culture in their organization. All these skills will deepen their understanding, motivation, engagement and retention and helps them to become cool, authentic, impactful, up-to-date Leaders and High potential Specialists.  



My coaching



Emotional Intelligence Practitioner


Genos International  

starting 2020

Coaching Partner

Great People Inside 

starting 2014

Vicepresident and Board Member

International Coaching Federation

starting 2018 by present

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

International Coaching Federation


Coaching External Consultant, Orange Romania

Mentor coaching, individual and team coaching, 2018 - 2019

Mentor Coaching Training and certification

Sherri Boone & Jamee Tenzer


Treasury Responsible and Volunteer

International Coaching Federation Romania, 2016- 2018

Executive Coaching Certification

Center of Executive Center, Andrew Neitlich, 2017-2018

Internal Coach, BRD GSG

More than 200 hours individual and group coaching, 2013 - 2016

Associated Certified Coach (ACC)

International Coaching Federation 


Coaching Training

Fundamentals Coaching School,

Metasysteme, Alain Cardon, 2010

You are more

Individual, group & team coaching services

More than 700 coaching hours, 11 companies, 6 areas, starting 2011 until present

When I met Coaching? 

NLP & Coaching School, Mindmaster owned Catalin Zaharia, 2009 - 2010

What's the approach in coaching?



Follow ethical principles and competencies of International Coach Federation, working with individuals and teams eager to evolve, to make changes,

I see clients in session by listening, questions that reflect new options, new perspectives, with moments of reflection or a-ha moments,

Watching most of the time beyond attaining a sustainable result, a change in the individual's behaviour or the mindset or team,

Meet the customer where it is and show him flexibility in changing the coach’s hats, consultant, facilitator when necessary.

Techniques, tools, and methods

Systemic approach, solutions orientated approach, 

Gestalt, NLP, COMPACT, TGROW, Oscar methods,

Enneagrama, POY, 360 assessments, evaluations GR8PI, etc.



6 - 8 individual sessions and two days of team and group coaching,

6 -12 months follow-up and tracking changes,

Beginning of coaching sessions by setting and clarifying objectives,

Challenge the client to "look" different at a situation, reframing,

Mirroring the words, thoughts, ideas, behaviours and bring clarity in thinking and action, challenge the patterns of behaviour that are not productive and replace them with more successful others,

Each session is followed by action, putting into practice of what was discovered,

Watch the progress and the client becomes accountable and conscious of his evolution.

What is my coaching approach?

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In short, I grew up somewhere in Northern Transylvania, and I have bee studying the behaviour of people since I was 15 years old. I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology in Timisoara and after I lived in several cities around the country and abroad, in 2003 I set in Bucharest. All these helped me to become a flexible, versatile person who can work well with people from different areas or different cultures.

In 2009, I decided to study, go deeper into coaching and practice it working as an Internal Coach and then as an external Coach with talents, managers, teams from various fields: banking and finance, telecom, retail, automotive, IT, share services, logistics, etc. This experience as Coach, from both perspectives, allowed me to have the ability to see things from the outside and to cause change and get out of the comfort zone on one side. At the same time, I understand the challenges with ease and correlate my business clients’ dares, the company style, direction and goals. It is important in coaching to put things in context, to have an overview and to bring clarity.


My concern now is to contribute to creating a culture of development, evolution and responsibility in business, having not only simple, punctual interventions but lifelong learning projects that ensure awareness and change. I'm also interested to contribute to the development and improvement of the trade of Coach and Mentor Coach by being an active member and Vice President of the International Coach Federation from Romania.

Things about my self

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