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What will lead you to the next level?

Today's business environment is continuously changing and challenges organizations to permanently prepare young managers who have potential of rapid development and which will occupy key positions in the organization, in the future. 

To draw and follow development plans for talents or succession plans remain two of the most critical aspects in the process of high potentials from the organization. Developing a pool of young leaders begins with early identification and processing through a variety of experiences and opportunities. At the base there is a personalized development plan and the accompaniment of a Coach to emphasize the needs and skills required to evolve. The process begins with the three essential questions:


What will lead you to the next level?What are the current strengths?

What skills do you need to develop for the next level?

What is it needed to be conveyed and to whom?  

High potentials employees and results want to see a perspective and a sense of progress in their career. You are more for talents is dedicated to identify the role and the place of the High potential in the organization through individual and group coaching sessions. Designing and following development plans, which take them to the next level.


I see talents and prepare them to become successors. To become aware of the role and the next level in their career, we draw the succession plans together on short, medium or long term. Taking a holistic approach, in coaching sessions, support the development of managerial capabilities and leadership skills. I dare you to think globally and to act locally! Develop your own leadership style based on your personal qualities, values, courage and your own aspirations.

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