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What will lead you to the next level?

Coaching team aims to improve team dynamics and increase its performance. As the process takes place, very often can be noticed different types of improvements like: team members strengthening their confidence, upgrading communication and a different kind of collaboration, more proactive, dynamic and authentic.

Team Coaching You Are More approach involves small teams up to 20 people who have different challenges or goals to reach such as: a new team takes over, alignment to a common purpose, collaboration and better communication, or lack the desire to increase the results, the development of a collective leadership, the setting of ambitious goals at the beginning of the year, changing or transforming labor organization or team.


It is a 3 step process:

Business Meeting
Step I

Contracting and alignment of objectives with the company and Team Manager

In the initial phase, it is essential to contract along with Team Manager and sponsor of the process, the Organization's leader or HR, a discussion of alignment and identifying the main challenges and aspirations of the team and the Organization and to spotlight the effort that the team is willing to submit to get where it wants.

This first stage provides clarity, structure and objectives of work lined up.

Step II

Team workshop

The goal of intervention is to allow the participants to discover over the course of two days how they tend to work together, how they communicate, how much they focus to generate performance. Then, they are challenged to do different things, to change the paradigm on the team’s challenges and measure the results in more detail. This workshop is fully personalized to the challenges and opportunities that arise within the team. Specific tools will be used to address systemic coaching for the team.

Stand-Up Meeting
Step III

Follow-up with the team

and its Manager

The final phase is the one who makes the difference and involves regular meetings for a period of 6 up to 12 months, to accompany and to pin down the change, to track the effects and ensuring achievement of the objectives and to measure progress.


In this phase, we are processing the habbits that prevent us to do change and we strengthen the accountability and discipline for new behaviors.

I encourage you to contact me in order to establish a meeting or to find out more about my coaching process, tools, team coaching approaches and success stories 

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