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How do you create space for 

a coaching culture in your organization?

I accompany organizations wishing to establish or strengthen the culture of coaching through the development of an internal framework of coaching with related services, establishing guidelines for internal Coaches, Coachee, Sponsors (those seeking a process of coaching).

Brain Storming on Paper

I accompany communities of Internal Coaches, create a proper frame of practice coaching skills and I sustain education and coaching practice aligned with the correct standards of ethics and ICF coaching core competences.

Business Meeting

I deliver group-type coaching workshops for managers as Manager - Coach where you learn how to integrate coaching approach in your conversations as a Manager, developing a proper mindset, skills and coaching tools. I invite you to practice a participative leadership, pull approach, listening and silence, powerful questions and other short methods for conversations with impact, etc.

Startup Room

I consolidate skills and measure progress through follow-ups after the coaching workshops for managers and after individual and team coaching sessions. I support and encourage the HR in measuring effects of coaching and in strategic communication all over the company.

Glass Conference Room

By facilitating communities and events, I encourage the exchange of experiences, sharing of best practices and highlighting successful projects where coaching has generated visible results of transformation, and a healthy, motivated and challenging environment.

Business Organization

Through mentor coaching sessions, I often develop coaching skills of managers or Internal Coaches in the company. I create a space for continuum practice, with monthly meetings where we practise the role of the Coach, the Coachee, the Observer and constantly check in with the ICF 12 coaching competencies.

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