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What competences do you most often show in your coaching sessions?

Mentor coaching refers to the way in which you prove competences and ethics standards in the coaching sessions that you have together with your customers. It helps to deepen the 12 competencies established by International Coach Federation (ICF) to understand the context of ethics and to respect the most important rules, which define the coaching profession over others like psychotherapy, training, counselling, consultancy etc.

Whether you're a Coach under accreditation or you want to sharpen your skills in coaching skills, after many hours of training and coaching with your customers, it's helpful to have a moment of reflection together with a mentor coach to receive feedback related to the structure and focus in your coaching sessions, to deepen the understanding of ACC and PCC markers of ICF, to talk about the core competencies of the profession of coaching and how they are put in value within your sessions.

If you are a Coach under accreditation or training

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More if you're an internal Coach or you are part of an internal coaching team and you want to develop a framework or practice coaching skills, it's helpful to have monthly meetings/practice and thesis conversation coaching type, exchange of experiences and deepening of the discussion and deepening competences established by the International Coaching Federation.

How to handle clients in internal and what kind of rules to establish in order to meet the profession. All this done alongside with a Mentor and PCC Coach, with over 1000 hours of experience in coaching, both as internal or external Coach.

If you're an internal Coach or you are part of an internal coaching team

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I encourage you to contact me to set an appointment and learn more about mentor coaching process or to receive a proposal.

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