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How would your successful career look like?

For many of my clients, the professional environment and career are two of the biggest challenges in the coaching processes. To corelate your talents with your passions and with the opportunities in the market in order to discover what you want to do in your career can only be an aspect that brings professional satisfaction.


To get a job, a position in your company or not necessarily, requires determination, clarity and accomplishment. 

To manage conflicts or incompatibility with your boss or your colleagues, to increase efficiency and motivation at work place, definitely provides an important basis for being motivated, focused and efficient.

We can work together in a number of 3, 6, 9 or 12 coaching sessions using a number of tools, methods and questions to help you achieve your goals and look different at various issues such as:

Reconnect with

your job

Managing conflicting relationships at work

Finding a new job or role

Creating a career plan

Managing transition


in new role

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