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Emotional intelligence, EQ or The science of emotions

Neuroscience is the study of the biological mechanisms of the brain and refers to our ”Emotional Brain”. It involves structures such as the Amygdala. There are ussually two amygdalae per person, one on each side of the brain and they are thought to be part of the limbic system, responsible for memory, our ”flight or fight” response and emotions. The amygdala helps us recognise rewards or threats, and friends or foes.

The job of Emotional brain is to make very quick, unconscious determinations about whether something or someone is safe or not. The tag, which is in fact an emotion is communicated to the so-called Thinking brain that involves structures as Pre-Frontal Cortex. The pre-frontal cortex is involved in helping us determine good from bad and better from best. It helps us anticipate behaviour and determine the best response.

to be continue...

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